Sportsfield Committee Minutes

Cherry Burton Sports Field Management Committee Meeting Tuesday 24 June 2014

Present: T Baker, P Wardale, C Wells, M J Wells, P Whitfield (Chair)

Apologies: R Kelly, J Peirson

14.06.01. Minutes of the following meetings

  1. Committee Meeting 25 March 2014

2 Committee Meeting 3 April 2014

3 Annual Meeting 22 April 2014

All were agreed to be a correct record

14.06.02 Matters arising from the Minutes


14.06.03. Resignation of Councillor J Smith

It was agreed to accept his resignation with regret and to thank him for his contribution to the work of the committee.

14.06.04. Appointment of Parish Council representatives

The parish Council had not yet appointed members for 2014/5

14.06.05. Multi User Games Area

                5.1 Current Situation

  • FOSSE had been working on site for the last ten days
  • The work had been inspected and approved
  • MJW and Fosse had agreed the crossing points for the roller and FOSSE had offered the use of its roller in the interim period
  • TB had agreed a price of £160 to do preparatory work for the electrical installation for the path lights – PJW will discuss the next step with own electrician
  • Fosse had laid an increased area of tarmac alongside the MUGA
  • TB will negotiate with FOSSE regarding some tarmac for the access road
  • TB had also discussed the remedial work to the tyre lines on the sports field
  • The first invoice from FOSSE had been received – TB will approach the grant providers to obtain the grant for the parish council to pay FOSSE

5.2 Formal Opening arrangements (see attached note)

  • MJW referred to the checklist (previously circulated) and as the opening date would not be far off and the holiday season was nearly starting he had listed items to be considered. The final decision would be affected by the availability of person invited to perform the opening ceremony.
  • It was agreed that the opening day would be Saturday 20 September or the following Saturday (27)
  • Various suggestions were considered – TB will pursue possible tennis or netball personality, PW football (Hull City AFC) and MJW basketball
  • It was considered that invitations should be sent out by the Sports Field Management Committee on behalf of the Parish Council – TB/PJW will raise this at the next Parish Council meeting
  • PJW will seek more inexpensive ways of providing notices to include details of grant aid organisations

5.3. Booking System

  • PJW described the current situation
  • When setting the opening ceremony date it will be necessary to fix a formal start date for bookings and include this in any publicity

14.06.06. Managing the Sports Field (see attached note)

  • MJW referred to the note (previously circulated) and said it resulted from a need to publicise the sports field and facilities and to emphasise the work carried out by its users
  • It was important to have a development plan to have a sense of what was wanted based on needs of the users and the committee – also helpful to have such a plan should any grant applications be required – also considered that someone should have the responsibility for looking at possible grant assistance.
  • Would be circulated to user groups
  • Agreed to examine this at next full meeting

14.06.07. Financial Matters

                7.1. Financial Regulations

  • PJW is looking at this

7.2. Expenditure to date

  • PJW circulated a list expenditure to date and a forecast of what might be spent over the year
  • Still some disquiet about electricity costs other than in the Baden Powell area – PJW will monitor use and will test the time taken for showers to come on and will try to calculate the cost involved

7.3. An Analysis of Expenditure (see attached note)

  • MJW had looked at each class of expenditure and this showed that the Parish Council grant did not cover a typical year’s spending
  • Insurance, building insurance and rent accounted for 54% of spending whilst pavilion running costs soaked up another 26%. Of the rest grass cutting was 15% of the total. Which provided no funds for improvements or items such as painting.
  • Income for 2014 from users totalled just over £1000 whilst the Race Night raised £1083.

7.4 Fund Raising/Race Night

  • The final sum was £1083. Thanks to everyone concerned especially Phil Davies who produced much of the paperwork and posters. MJW had arranged for a composite poster showing the sponsors to go in the shop, Bay Horse and at the pavilion.

14.06.08. Sports Field Website

  • PJW referred to his email and asked for more copy. MJW stated that the cricket was drafted and would forward it shortly. TB will be discussing the tennis club entry at a forthcoming committee meeting

14.06.09. Repairs and Maintenance Schedule

  • The schedule was reviewed and amended as per attached schedule.

14.06.10. Health and Safety Matters

                10.1 Goal Posts

  • PW stated that the goal posts were now getting beyond their useful life and asked, as they were available for casual use, if it was possible for the Sports Field Management Committee to arrange for their replacement. He considered that they represented a safety hazard. It was agreed that he would obtain prices but that, when the response from the Parish Council’s legal contact was known, it might not be possible to act in this way. (see item 10/06/01 on repairs schedule).

10.2 Area outside the pavilion end of the cricket square.

  • MJW reported that there was a wide strip which became very soft and wet after heavy rain. It was neither draining nor drying out satisfactorily and constituted a danger to bowlers. Last season, in wet conditions a player sipped and broke his leg. He asked that appropriate advice be sought by the committee.

14.06.11. Dates and Times of Next Meetings

To be arranged when possible candidates for opening ceremony are known


25 June 2014